Album: Split 7" with Lavotchkin (2011)

Song: Kill This Epidemic

Bitrate: 320kbps

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End To Empires are a 5 piece hardcore/metal band from the UK, formed in 2009 of the remnants of two other Leeds based bands, D-Rail and The Vs. Project. The band has recently released a 3 track Demo CD through Beefy Records, which was recorded by Jason Sanderson in March 2010. If you're looking for a sound bite, End to Empires is in no way worship or a homage. Similar to the projects with which members have previously been involved, this band is looking to plough their own distinctive furrow in a 'scene' plagued with sound-a-likes. The band are currently expanding and honing their craft through the process of recording new material, which will be released as a split in the 7" format later this year.


"If you like your punk music hardcore and raw, and would rather think of metalcore and its other derivative styles as simply bad dreams best left forgotten, then End to Empires are for you. Scathing, groovy and brutal, these guys really deserve to go places."
- Giles Smith,

"The End to Empires sound is indeed very danceable and that shit you can't fake. End to Empires are not at all bad, quite the opposite if I had to be honest."
- Tony, Collective Zine (Aug 29, 2010)

"Hailing from Leeds, End To Empires include former members of D-Rail and The Vs Project within their ranks, which would help to explain the fact that this is a) heavy as fuck and b) ace. There are just three songs on offer here, and the first is a discordant intro, but this EP still blew me away with its mix of raging guitars, metallic intensity and barked vocals. There are riffs a-plenty and copious amounts of aggressive intent coursing through both the two 'proper' tracks, 'Hungryleaders' and 'Blackties', with the latter delivering a particularly intense shot of anger that's has just a hint of classic Integrity to it. I'm pretty sure these guys would be absolutely shit-hot live as well, so I hope I get to see them soon"
- Nick, A Short Fanzine About Rocking

"A three track single that opens with an instrumental which sounds like a badly recorded 90's grunge break down of sorts, luckily the two following tracks aren't the same. It's more metal meets hardcore meets grunge in feeling, with some decent vocal changes. This is the first release from this Leeds band and this is not a bad little single at all and probably worth your time having a little check out, I'd be keen to hear a full length on the strength of this. A band to be keeping a watch on to see how they progress."
- Mr. T, Lights Go Out Zine (Sep 01, 2010)